Hungry for change

I watched the documentary Hungry for Change last night and was blown away.  The contributors and producers do an amazing job of presenting a wealth of health information that addresses mind, body, spirit and science in an accessible format.

You can stream it online for free until March 31st.


Health is more than just finding a diet or tools to lose and keep off weight, tips for preventing cancer, heart disease and other chronic disease with the "right" vitamin or supplement cocktail, or getting the strongest adrenal support or Meyer's cocktail to let you push through life -- it's about feeling happy, healthy, energized and engaged in our everyday lives.  

If you have questions about how to start make that life a reality, I encourage you to take an hour and a half and watch this.  It doesn't have all the answers -- nothing does -- but it can be a starting point.  Write down any questions you have and ask your health care provider.  If they don't have answers that feel right to you, keep asking!  Find someone who does or look for resources* as a starting point to help you learn more.  Education is empowerment.

We're facing the first generation of kids whose life expectancy may be shorter than their parents due to obesity and related, preventable chronic disease.  That's shocking.  Something needs to change, and it starts with us.

In health,

Dr Tara

*regarding resources: many of the contributors to Hungry For Change are published by Hay House and speak on Hay House Radio, including Kris Carr and Dr Christiane Northrup.  Body Ecology Hour with Donna Gates is another great one.  I often stream Hay House Radio on my iphone or computer while cleaning my house and washing dishes.  It's one of my top finds in 2012 :)