Your Initial Visit

Your first visit is 90 minutes long in which a thorough health history is taken.  Dr. Lantz will investigate you current concerns and will inquire into your medical history including past and present lifestyle factors, diet, and emotional wellbeing to investigate the underlying cause of your concern.

  • If you have had recent blood work, lab testing, or imaging performed by your medical doctor or other health care professional, please bring a copy to your first appointment. This can help avoid a delay in treatment recommendations and will direct more efficient and effective care.

  • Additional laboratory or functional testing may be required to establish a diagnosis or help direct treatment.

  • You will be prompted to fill out a comprehensive health intake form online, via email, upon booking your appointment. If you are unable to complete the form ahead of time, please arrive 15 minutes early to complete the paperwork and make the most of your appointment time.

Your Follow-up Visit

You will meet with Dr Lantz to review your current progress, treatment plan, and goals.  Dr Lantz will provide education surrounding your health concerns, and discuss your treatment plan and recommendations.

Subsequent appointments are scheduled according to your treatment goals and are required to assess progress and to make adjustments in treatment as necessary.

Phone Consultations

Due to poor weather, the flu or simply comfort/patient preference -- phone and Skype consultations are available for coaching and follow-up appointments for existing patients.

All new naturopathic patients must do an in person initial visit in order to ensure any required physical examination is performed.


Acupuncture is ideally performed on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule for 4-8 weeks.

Follow-up acupuncture appointments are 45 minutes.

Bodywork - Bowen Therapy & Craniosacral Therapy

New patients can book for bodywork appointments.  Dr. Lantz will work with your treatment goals and health concerns to determine the best course of treatment.

Dr Tara Lantz, Naturopathic Doctor and Wellness Coordinator at The Floatation Centre, gives a brief run-down on what Naturopathic Medicine is and how it can help you!

Insurance Coverage

  • Naturopathic care is covered by most extended health plans -- please ask your provider for details

  • Direct billing is available for some insurance plans


Naturopathic Consultations

  • Initial Visit - 90 minutes - $195

  • Follow-up visit - 30-45 minutes - $100


  • Initial visit - 60 min - $120

  • Follow-up - 45 min - $100


  • Bowen therapy with naturopathic consult - 60 min - $120

  • Craniosacral therapy - 60 min - $120